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Jezebels why.

In this cosmetic glam era, women and girls have to be intentional about building confidence and worth because this culture is not.

This culture teaches us that something is wrong with every part of our body.

It sells a product for almost every body part, starting with our head.

Wigs, weaves, eyelashes, lip injections, Botox, liposuction, chin lifts, neck tightening, breast implants, tummy tucks, thick thighs, vein removal, butt implants, cellulite treatments, knee skin removal, and ending with an acrylic big toenail.

Oh, let’s not forget the vaginal steaming to accommodate the small dicks of the world.

We have to…

Social policy is problem-oriented; that is, it attempts to improve the lives of people who need help in meeting certain needs. If people were able to meet their needs through their own efforts, society would not need to develop programs to help them (Burger, 2014, p. 277).

Some of the issues that surface when setting social policy are what problems to address, who deserves help, and how to deliver the help. We see the question of “who to help” today in our politics in a way that is disheartening and alarming.

Today's Republican party has made a concentrated and hateful…

Life is a beautiful journey. To date, you have had some licks. Some hurts. Some disappointments and you have handled it all very well. As you leave home for Kent State University, stay. Finish your studies. Go to graduate school. Do what God called you to do. Do not get distracted.

You love hard. You love fully. Completely. Men will be infatuated with you. They will break up with girlfriends, move to your city, leave their wives. They all will want to marry you but only three will have the nerve to utter it out loud. You have never wanted…

The WWW is full of very interesting people. Some are authentic, most are not. We live in a world or imitators and not originators.

I pulled out my journals for the last 25 years and although I have grown, the core of my being is the same. My writings reflect the same core values. I wrote a piece over 20 years ago that was published in my local newspaper. The title, Living Successfully Single. …

Our country is in crisis because our communities are in crisis. Our communities are in crisis because our families are in crisis.

A woman cannot be great if her children are not great. The greatest and most impactful investment a woman will ever make is in those territories her womb established.

A man will not be great if his children are not great. He will fail and fail miserably at every single feat if he has failed at parenting.

Men will continue to be misled by the vain imaginations of their minds if they do not reckon themselves with the…

The biggest lie ever told is that men are providers and protectors, especially as it relates to the institution of marriage.

I do not know a single woman who is married that has been protected by her husband. Every married woman I know, is lied to, cheated on, embarrassed and neglected. They have endured what no woman ever should and wear those scars like badges of honor.

There is no honor in being mistreated, disregarded and humilated and there wont ever be.

Too many wounded women can be wheeled back in with some grocery store flowers, a silver tongue and…

As I sat to pen this piece, I pulled out my dictionary and googled the definition of right. I absolutely love the dictionary. I travel with one and I Google because cracks me up and has created new words/terms and definitions for old ones.

I reacquaint myself with the meaning of words to ensure I am writing, speaking in the correct context. I was surprised to learn all of the varied means of the word, right. So many, I could not settle on a definition that would serve as the foundation for this piece.

You can find some of…

It is amazing the wounds some people self inflict to be in relationships with other people.

Nothing is more tragic than holding someone else in higher esteem than self.

I was telling my daughter how damaging a liar is to her soul and spirit. A liar is constantly chipping away at our internal truth radar.

We all have one. It is the alarm that goes off inside our spirit when someone is lying to us.

Most people, especially women ignore it because most women place more comfort in a lying man than their truthful selves. They can’t be alone. …

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