Teaching our Kids that Bullying is Wrong.

We are gearing up for National Bullying Prevention Month which is in October. Pacer’s has some wonderful activities available for our young people. Check them out at https://www.pacer.org/bullying/nbpm/

You may order this wonderful early reader (for kids aged 2–5) that will assist parents, educators, community and neighbors with having the needed conversation about bullying. Working to prevent childhood bullying while promoting kindness, acceptance, and inclusion. Order your early reader today (for ages 2–5).

A percentage of all proceeds will be donated to Pacer’s for sales in the month of October.

Thanking you in advance for your support.

~Dana Lena’


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This blog is a continuance of my expression as a free woman. Here, I PEN my thoughts, lessons, revelations and ponders as I move closer to the absolute freedom my spirit and soul needs and desires. My views are a compilation of my experiences, perceptions, feelings and intuitions. Raw. Real. Relevant. Riveting. At times poetic, scholarly, whimsical and spiritual. Other times, political and socially conscious and aware provoking change, compassion, outrage or action. I am loyal only to expression and the pen. View all posts by Penned!

Originally published at http://penned.xyz on September 28, 2021.




Top Writer. Feminism. Self. Relationships. Parenting. www.iamdanalena.com

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Dana Lena'

Dana Lena'

Top Writer. Feminism. Self. Relationships. Parenting. www.iamdanalena.com

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