He Says You Need Him. Liar!

Dana Lena'
3 min readJan 15, 2022


Most women are vulnerable to the deceit of men but young women who are mothers are prey. Too many often feel unprepared and are unprepared for life. They often feel they are to be dependent on sperm donors and baby daddies. Society tells them they “need” a man to survive and to help them with “those kids”.

A good man who honors her and who will honor his responsibilities is beneficial, however; too many men see this “need” as a weakness for them to exploit. He acts every kind of unseemingly and unacceptable because he knows she isn’t going anywhere and unfortunately unless he puts her out on the curb, she isn’t going anywhere. And if he puts her out, he can go back and get her. She will be in the same place he left her.

“Who is going to want you with 3, 4, 5, 6 kids?” is the question often posed.

Let me tell you something. That is pimp game 101. Getting a woman to question her value and her worth because of…

The truth of the matter is, most of these women would have accomplished more without him and would be further along in life had she exited. I know this to be true because every, and I mean every woman who left an abusive man and got her head straight was better off without him. She accomplished more, went further, and eventually stumbled upon real love.

A man who is bad for a woman pulls on and drains her energy. He worries her nerves and disrupts her natural heartbeat. She is never at peace in her soul because he is lying to her about something all of the time. Those lies cause her to question her greatest asset. Her intuition.

She is not free to pursue herself, her goals, or her dreams because all of her energy is spent trying to hold on to him, and unfortunately “those kids” suffer. She can’t give them everything they need because he is competing energy and those kids are raised in the spirit of resentment.

Often being blamed by their mothers for being burdens and being blamed by those men for being burdensome.

Any man who tells a woman she needs him does so out of the spirit of manipulation and a sheer desire to keep her submitted to his foolishness and abuse. A good man would tell her that she can do anything with or without him. A good man would tell her that her children are blessings and he is honored to be able to help her with them. A good man would tell her that he came from a woman, therefore he could never be greater than the vessel who birthed him.

A good man.

Vet and know the difference.

And for the record, a pimps entire financial success is due to a woman’s sexual labor. She keeps him, he doesn’t keep her. She is just too brainwashed to know it. Her ass is the boss. She should be telling him and the rest of them what to do.

~Dana Lena’


Originally published at http://penned.xyz on January 15, 2022.



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